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The Ssangyong Company

The SsangYong brand is built on three pillars:


When you drive a SsangYong off the showroom floor, you can be sure you're driving a vehicle that has undergone rigorous testing procedures under the most extreme operating conditions in North America, the Middle East, East Asia, and Scandinavia. We test our cars again and again to achieve the highest possible standards of performance, reliability and safety. It's one of the reasons SsangYong Motors was awarded the ISO9001 certification, a first in the Korean automobile industry.


Our vehicles are made with you in mind, which is why we don't just use technology for technology's sake. At SsangYong Motor, we use technology to meet human needs. Our focus is on:

  • Safety Technology, to protect human life
  • Emotional Technology, to provide satisfaction beyond the five physical senses
  • Environmental Technology, to ensure the future of the human race


  • You dream it. We create it.

It's what we live by at SsangYong Motor. Our designs are inspired by you, our customers. We draw our inspiration from your insights, your physical and emotional needs and the things you've always dreamed of in a car. Then, we create your dreams, using our unique SUV/RV development capability to produce original designs that continually improve and advance our vehicles.

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